Hottest Trends for Spring 2023 Makeup

Reinvent your look these Spring 2023 with these five makeup trends dominating the runways and social media.

New Year, New Me, New Make Up

We always hear the classic phrase, “New Year, New Me,” yet as the clock switches from 11:59 pm to 12:00am we seemingly feel the same. One way we can feel explicitly “different” or “changed” is through the experimentation of beauty trends. 

Explore these five 2023 makeup trends that will not only reinvent your look but will have you prepared for every scenario; from quick grocery runs, work meetings, and drinks on Friday, you’ll be strutting your new year self in a whole different way, with a whole different look.


The 5 Trends...

Coming this Spring for Makeup:

  • Super Dew 
  • Just a Pop of Color 
  • More Blush, Please
  • Graphic Lines
  • Statement Lips

Super Dew


Bye heavy makeup, and hello super dew. Although wearing skincare as makeup was beginning to trend in 2022, it will be all the rage in 2023. To achieve this look, pay attention and invest in high quality-clean skincare products like hyaluronic acid serums that help the skin retain its moisture for a dewy look. A glowy serum and moisturizer, with light concealer and a blush to flush the cheeks, will have you looking like ultra glazed donut (a glammed one).

Just a Pop of Color


Adding a bright color to the eyelids, particularly primaries like blue and red, have been a staple in French beauty for years and have now gained traction across the international beauty stage. No brushes needed, you can achieve this look with your fingers by smearing on either a powder or liquid eyeshadow. Want to spice it up even more? Select a liquid eyeshadow with some glitter for a futuristic “night-disco” look. 

More Blush, Please


Having already been circulating the beauty world in 2022 and graced us with it’s presence in the 2022 Winter Trends Alert, graciously applying blush to contour the upper cheekbones is not going anywhere in 2023. Rather than applying heavy bronzer contour that can look splotchy if not applied correctly, applying blush from the apples of the cheeks to the upper cheekbone is a more natural way of achieving a “effortlessly snatched” look. In 2023 we will continue to see the resurgence of creme blushes over powder that pairs nicely with the “super dewy” no-makeup makeup look that celebrities like Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber sport. 

Graphic Lines


Funky eyeliner designs, a trend started by public figure and actress Julia Fox, had been seen all over Paris Fashion week this past fall, and is expected to continue its reign in the beauty world throughout 2023. This unique trend creates stunning contrast against a “super-dew” look, almost “grunge-ifying” it. No need to be easy on pencil for this one; have fun and experiment with new lines, dark, light, thin, or thick. 

Statement Lips


This year make a statement with your lips not just your mouth. Reds, pinks, and spring corals will dominate beauty trends, especially lip products that can double as a blush and eyeshadow to create a monochromatic look. Pairing a statement lip against a “super-dew” look creates the perfect balance, a pop of color against a natural canvas. Achieving this look is easy as one, two, three; just swipe and viola!

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