About Oh Dasiey

We Want You to Feel As Fresh As A Daisey!

Our Promise

We are focused on connecting low-toxic salons to like-minded humans.

Our database promotes salons and spas that specialize in low-toxic & clean chemistry products, are environmentally conscious, and have a holistic approach to beauty.

Our services encourage a non-toxic lifestyle and rally for a cleaner and brighter future. We believe our marketing and advertising strategies will help you gain like-minded clients. Let’s GROW together!

*We understand that when it comes to hair dyes there are still many grey areas.There is no permanent hair color which is 100% organic and made without chemicals, however, we are exhausting our efforts towards helping to find a solution where toxins aren’t involved and regulations are put in place.  In the meantime, we will post hair salons that are taking the steps toward clean beauty on a holistic level and meet all regulations of the EU.

Our Salons

The salons in our database are individually vetted and approved by our team at OhDaisey. Each salon has devoted their business to providing low-toxic services and vow to give their clients the best holistic care so they can confidently say they feel “Fresh as a Daisey”

What Oh Daisey Offers

We will always try our best to promote education on how to obtain optimum health and wellness.



From Non-toxic to Low-Toxic, we will share the best options available to keep as many toxins out of your life as possible. ​



We will always share with you the best options and give you the inside scoop of what is in the products the salons and spas use.​



We will always share which salons and spas are working towards leaving this earth better than we found it. ​

Meet The Founder

Natasha Cantleberry

Natasha founded this company when she was searching online for clean Salons in her local area. She has battled PCOS and Thyroid disease for the last few years and maintains a low-toxic lifestyle to combat her health. She couldn’t find any database that would give her the results she wanted which gave her the idea to come up with OhDaisey.

Behind The Name

Daisy flowers symbolize “Purity”, “Innocence”, and “New Beginnings”. Our story came from long ago when Natasha had a dog named Daisy growing up who was energetic, cheerful, and the color of a beaming golden- hour sunset.

Memories of Summer days where Daisy would escape the backyard and Natasha had to pull her hair into a ponytail and chase after her until she brought her home safely. Therefore, at OhDaisey we define ourselves as chasing after new beginnings.

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meet the founder

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