What is a Circadian Rhythm and How does it Benefit Overall Beauty?

Even if you’re spending a lot on beauty products but if your circadian rhythm isn’t set, you can’t achieve healthy skin. Learn how to get better sleep.

It is time for Beauty Sleep

A circadian rhythm is a natural cycle that originates within us and does respond to the environment. It’s a natural process of mental and physical changes that our bodies’ experiences and repeat after every 24 hours that bring many behavioral changes as well. It regulates our sleep-wake cycle and it gets affected by the intensity of light. Circadian rhythm can also affect our hormones, body functions, skin health, appetite, body temperature, and sleep.


Circadian rhythm is controlled by the small part of the brain. It tells our body that it’s time to sleep or wake up. It works best when we are regular for our sleep and wake up on time. Like many other changes, our body made, our circadian rhythm doesn’t remain the same.

What affects our Circadian Rhythm?

Many factors like age, work schedule, jet lag, staying up late at night, stress, excessive use of electronic devices, and physical health can disrupt our fixed circadian rhythm.

Importance of Circadian rhythm:

This internal clock helps to maintain your sleep-wake cycle and regulate sleep patterns. If we are properly aligned with the circadian rhythm, it creates a significant impact on our overall health. Because disturbed sleep can lead to many mental and physical health issues like insomnia, problems waking up early, sleep loss, feeling weary and tired throughout the day, and depression. Not only these, but an unfixed circadian rhythm badly affects our skin and beauty. So we need to fix the circadian rhythm to get rid of most of our skin issues.


Surprisingly our body has a natural circadian rhythm that regulates the sleep and wake cycle. It alerts the mind and body and arise the urge to sleep at night and in the afternoon. The exact times vary from individual to individual but the strength of these urges depends on one’s health and other factors like if a person is a sleep deprived or not. 

Causes of unfixed Circadian rhythm:

Disturbed circadian rhythm can lead to serious mental and physical health issues and it also brings many skin issues that can lower our beauty.  These are some factors that can make your circadian rhythm out of sync;

  • Poor sleep cycle or staying up all night
  • Use of electronic devices when it’s time to sleep
  • Disturbed eating habits when it’s time for bed
  • Work stress
  • Overnight working schedule or off-hours work night shifts
  • Medication
  • Mental or physical health condition 

Studies have shown a powerful link between a healthy circadian rhythm and beauty. So you need to pay heed to your disrupted circadian rhythm and reset it. Bring it to the sun and improve your lifestyle. 

How circadian rhythm and beauty are correlated

Even if you’re spending a lot on beauty products but if your circadian rhythm isn’t set, you can’t achieve healthy skin. Beauty sleep must be practiced to get flawless beauty. Regular sleep patterns can bring a huge difference to the health of your beauty and healthy skin. While low-quality sleep or sleeping at the wrong time can badly affect our natural circadian rhythm and disturb hormones. 


It also brings changes in a biological process that affects the beauty and health of the skin. If your circadian rhythm is out of sync, you may experience premature aging, pigmentation, pale and tired skin, panda eyes, inflammation, and many other skin issues. 

Benefits of circadian rhythm for beauty:

Quality sleep is crucial because it regulates the skin repair process. When we sleep at night without using any screen then as a result of darkness, our brain produces a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin helps your circadian rhythm to remain fixed and lets you have quality sleep.  Melatonin is responsible for your beauty. 


Remember beauty isn’t just limited to facial beauty it’s about the health of the overall body. A healthy body shows a youthful glow and improves skin texture. You can also experience good hair growth due to quality sleep and a fixed circadian rhythm.  Fixed circadian rhythm allows your skin to breathe and heal naturally so skin can repair on its own.


Studies show that a disturbed circadian rhythm affects our beauty but a fixed circadian rhythm can do wonders for your skin. It heals and repairs the skin cells and DNA of the skin at peak night. Skin starts showing good results when you follow a regular sleep pattern. It can vanish premature aging and gives a youthful glow to the skin. 


Our skin cells perform differently during the 24 hours. But at night, skin repairing chances are high due to the melatonin hormone that is produced by darkness. It helps you to fall asleep early and get rid of many skin issues, repairs UV-damaged skin, improves the health of hair, and makes the overall body healthy. But if we skip the natural sleep pattern and enhance the screen usage at night or before going to bed, melatonin gets disturbed and didn’t perform actively and we face different skin issues.

Reset circadian rhythm:

Firstly, you need to align your sleep pattern. Adopt a habit of sleeping and waking up at fixed times so your circadian rhythm comes back in sync.

Enjoy daylight so you can get better sleep at night after spending hours in and day out. You can skip day naps to sleep better at night. 

The most important is to set the circadian rhythm for ultimate beauty is to limit the usage of screens before going to bed. Don’t use any type of screen for at least 2 hours before going to sleep. 

The bright light from electronic devices badly affects circadian rhythm and didn’t produce melatonin that helps you to sleep peacefully at night. Bright light from gadgets also causes darkness under the eyes and makes the eyes’ skin saggy.


Practice all these tips every day and make a fixed schedule to set your circadian rhythm. The fixed circadian rhythm will amaze you by healing your skin naturally. You’ll feel the natural repairing process for your skin to cherish your beauty. So sometimes all you need to do is sleep at right time and get quality sleep to repair your skin to bring your beauty back. 


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