Organic Tampons And Their Sneaky Ingredients

Do your organic tampons have hidden and sneaky ingredients in them? Find out which brands are better for you and which ones to stay away from.

We need to tell you a secret!

Surely there aren’t any harmful ingredients in our 100% organic tampons right?? Think again!

Large mainstream companies are adding ingredients into their pads and tampons that can cause major hormonal distributions and we are NOT about that!


The 4 Brands we Don't Recommend...

  • L- Organic Cotton Tampons
  • Tampax Pure 100% Cotton Tampons
  • Cora Organic Tampons
  • Playtex Clean Comfort 100% Organic

So, Why Not These Tampons?

Titanium dioxide is a chlorine bleach alternative that these companies have tried to sneak past us. But we’re too smart for them by staying educated. Remember just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy for us.

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What's in These "Organic" Tampons?

You’re looking at ingredients like Cotton, Polyester, Glycerin, Paraffins, Citric Acid, Acrylic Polymer, Acetic Acid, Soap, Polyethylene, and Titanium Dioxide. 

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The biggest reason we have an issue with these so called organic tampons is not only can these ingredients change the Ph of the vagina, these toxins can leach into one of the most absorbent areas of a woman’s body. Toxins which can be labeled as “forever chemicals.” These forever chemicals are also called PFAS which stands for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and are used as stain-resistant, water-resistant, & oil-resistant chemicals in commerce. They are linked to serious health effects and have been used for decades inside consumer products, as manufacturing aides, and inside building materials. 

PFAS “forever chemicals” are problematic to human health and the environment. They are considered ubiquitous, persistent, and toxic. Many of these chemicals can last for years or decades in our bodies. Therefore, it’s imperative to reduce the amount of PFAS you are exposed to from food, water, and personal care products such as tampons.

Want to Detox from these toxins?

Check out our blog on Yoni Steaming which is an ancient practice that is thought to be beneficial for our vaginas and reproductive systems from imbalances to infections. 

Our Organic Tampon Picks

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