The Hottest Make Up Trends Coming Winter 2022

4 Winter trends that you won't want to miss out on trying this year. From base to lips we cover what we think will have you stand out from the crowd.

We Smell Snow

Winter 2022 is all about self-expression, natural beauty, and color. If there’s a lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush that you’ve avoided wearing because it’s “too bright” or “too pigmented,” now is the time to break it out! 

The Four Trends...

Coming this Winter:

  • It’s All About the Base
  • Blush is Here to Stay
  • Bold Lipstick is Making a Comeback
  • Frosty Lids, Metallic Shades, and Jewels

It’s All About the Base

This past year, it seems that everyone has learned a few things about skincare. We’ve all been obsessed with dewy skin that looks bright, soft, and healthy. Fall runways like Chloe and Fendi reflected this new focus on skincare by featuring models with little makeup and glowing skin. You obviously knew we opt in for the healthier option than Fenti and Chloe. 

For this look, the foundation starts in the bathroom. Stay consistent with your skincare routine and choose products that aren’t overly drying. If you’d like to replicate the fresh face with makeup, grab your favorite silky smooth primer, balmy blush, and barely-there foundation. Apply with a soft hand and seal with a dewy setting spray! This season, other beauty trends will play off the fresh face by adding a bold accent to the eyes, cheeks, or lips.

Blush is Here to Stay

Blush has been all the rage for the last several seasons, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the love for blush is growing. Instead of limiting our blush to our cheeks, we’re bringing it under our eyes and up to our temples. Find your favorite bright pink, orange, or red blush and layer it under your foundation to create that “glowing from within” effect. Or, use a pigmented blush all on its own. Blush is excellent at highlighting your natural bone structure, and paired with a clean face, it’s stunning. However you use it, now is not the time to be stingy with your blush. Subtlety is not what we’re going for this winter.

Bold Lipstick is Making a Comeback

Intense lip colors come in and out of style practically every year, and 2022 is no different. Now that the masks are gone, it’s time to showcase your beautiful smile, and what better way to do that than framing it in a bold lip color? This winter is the time to experiment with your reds, pinks, and any other bright color hiding at the bottom of your makeup bag. Pair it with a simple eyeliner, glowing skin, and subtle blush to draw all the attention to your lips.

Frosty Lids, Metallic Shades, and Jewels

Nicknamed “night luxe”, this beauty trend is basically the child of the 2000s and the hit tv show, Euphoria. Metallic color block eyeshadow meets gemstone eyeliner and highlights so shimmery that it’s practically reflective. The key to mastering this look is choosing a focus and sticking to it. Combining attention-grabbing accents can overload the face. But bright eyeshadow will pop against a natural base, and gems will stand out on neutral makeup. While ultimately, the choice is up to you, it’s easy to go overboard with these intense pigments and eye-catching jewels, so less is more! 

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