5 LA Based Skincare Brands We Love

Discover 5 LA Based Clean Beauty Brands We Love from toothpaste to skincare and the makeup in between. Find out which companies stand out!

LA is the City of Angels

With San Diego being our home base, we are not too far from the busy streets of Los Angeles – the city of Angels or Dreams – depending on who you are. In this case, we are looking for the dreamers because these 5 companies took the leap to start their Clean Beauty Brand and we are here to highlight them!

The 5 LA Brands

  • Osea
  • Tower28
  • Ranavat
  • Kosas
  • Terra and Co

(Oh-See-Uh) stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth, and Atmosphere.

Founded in 1996 by Jenefer Palmer, who was inspired by her grandmother’s love for the ocean, set out to share her passion through a plant-based skincare line infused with elements of the sea. Unhappy with harmful chemicals she found in other products, Palmer perfected her formulas with non-toxic, nourishing ingredients using seaweed. They claim, “Seaweed because it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The benefits of seaweed are endless.”

While OSEA has now expanded into a world-renowned skincare line with many hotel and day spas caring their products, their commitment and integrity has stayed the same—producing effective, wholesome products as pure as the ocean itself.


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Founded by Amy Liu, and insoired by the effortless California style, Tower 28 even got it;s name from a real lifeguard tower in Santa Monica. A meeting spot for locals, it symbolizes everything they believe in: community, healthy fun, and clean living.

Tower 28 Beauty creates products that are designed for sensitive skin and made for all. Everything is rigorously dermatologist and allergy tested, due to Amy’s history of sensitive eczema skin. She knows that what goes on your skin also goes in your bloodstream, which is why their products are non-toxic, free of sensitizing irritants, full of calming, nourishing ingredients, plus a healthy dose of FUN.


RANAVAT blends the proven science of Ayurveda with modern formulas and the very purest, highest-quality ingredients. We bring these time-honored beauty rituals to life with obsessive care to maximize potency and create transformational results for skin and hair.

A Note from the Founder: Modern Chemistry meets South Asian Traditions.

“When it comes to creating my formulas, I prefer taking the long road. We carefully source each ingredient, using traditional methods to meticulously extract and preserve its restorative properties and the clinical power of these time-honored Ayurvedic traditions.” -Michelle Ranavat, Founder


Clean Makeup for Skincare Freaks. Founded by Sheena Zahdeh-Daley in 2015 with 4 lipsticks inspired by the earthy blends of neutrals and pinks she made in a portrait painting class. Kosas markets themselves as “makeup for skincare freaks,” complete with colorful branding and a significant focus on clean beauty, they’ve quickly amassed a large following.


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Terra and Co.

Terra & Co.’s holistic oral care bridges the worlds of Eastern ancient practices with Western’s latest discoveries in modern dentistry. Rooted in clinically proven results, our collection combines innovation with simple design to live in harmony with nature and your oral microbiome.

Inspired by the oldest holistic system Ayurveda (The Science of Life) and clinically studied western technologies our clean, safe, and effective oral care work together as ONE for optimal oral health.


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Our LA Company Picks

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