Resources to Learn More about Non-Toxic Beauty

Resources to learn more about non-toxic beauty and how you can educate yourself to develop a skincare of clean and toxin-free items.

You're So Toxic, Let's Talk

Talking about clean and non-toxic beauty can be overwhelming and make your head spin if you aren’t sure where to start. So here are some trust worthy websites, influencers, and blogs that can help you make an educated decision to keep your skin and welfare chemical-free.


Clean Beauty Influencers

There are so many influencers these days talking about clean beauty, which is amazing! We are so glad that toxins are being talked about and here are our top 8 influencers that we love!

Amanda Jo is on a mission to prove that an Organic lifestyle can still be glamorous.

Amanda Jo

Organic Beauty Lover Andrea Lee started out like many natural beauty influencers: as a consumer on a mission, and her mission was to switch to clean products.

Andrea Lee

Shawna began this journey to becoming a little less toxic in 2013 after years of battling life altering health issues . She is now a teacher on hiatus raising her littles with life that's a little less toxic.

Shawna Holman

Christy is a kind hearted hippie looking for her people. She bring positivity and encouragement to women looking for a natural wellness journey.


Becca is a blogger, wife, and dog mama from Milwaukee, Wisconsin trying to live her best clean, green, sustainable, natural life!

Becca Tetzlaff

Tara is a green juice drinking, clean beauty obsessed, dog (and cat) loving human, with a full time job and a dream of sharing meaningful, healing stories.

Tara Jarrett

Clara is a 30-something San Diegan who struggled with cystic acne so she made it her mission to improve her diet, wellness and skincare routine, and focused on self-love.

Clara Wang

Denise is a mama of 2, model, and actress. She is obsessed with clean beauty and skincare, plant-based eating, and detoxing her home.

Denise Vasi

What are your resources?

Do you have any other resources that we don’t have on our list? Let us know so we can help tell the world about their mission of clean beauty!

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