Brand Breakdown: Is Lovesong a Clean Beauty Brand?

Discover if Lovesong Beauty is actually a clean beauty brand and if we would recommend them based on their ingredient breakdown.

Background on Lovesong Beauty

Founded by Emily Bowman with the goal to make the kind of innovative, luxurious, natural beauty products you covet — with the kind of results you deserve. Lovesong started even before it was created, when Emily spent 15 years in the natural products industry as a sales executive for natural and organic food brands. With a personal passion and curiosity for luxurious beauty products, she kept up with offerings in the natural beauty space and was surprised that beauty brands were not following suit by amplifying offerings and taking significant share of the overall beauty space. Let’s investigate a little more!

Is Lovesong Beauty as clean as they claim to be? We reviewed the brand to find out. 

How we Rank the Brand

Green Heart – We approve of this brand’s products and they contain zero known toxins.

Yellow Heart – We approve of most ingredients in this brand’s products, they might contain some toxins or known allergies. 

Red Heart – We suggest you proceed with caution and limit your exposure and use of this brand’s products as there are toxins present.

Ingredients of Lovesong

Lovesong titles themselves as Natural Beauty, Made to Matter. With availability in stores like Anthropologie, Buy Verde, See New Skincare, and Paris Laundry – we were determined to get to the bottom line of “natural beauty” as we know “natural” does not mean anything to us!

Lovesong claims their products are made with thoughtfully selected natural ingredients that deliver better results than conventional alternatives. But it’s true, their ingredients really are all that to write home about! See for yourself. 

Below you will see a snapshot of their Evergreen Shampoo ingredients. 


Breaking Down the Ingredients

Lovesong Beauty contains hardly any ingredients that we would say are allergenic, toxic, or anyone would need to be cautious of. Except for the following.

Their formulas are full of gentle color-safe ingredients, plant-based, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, non-GMO, and wind energy crafted! Free of: parabens, sulfates, silicones, dyes, synthetic fragrances, and synthetic preservatives. 

Caprylhydroxamic Acid

This ingredient, in all of their products, may not be suitable for those with eczema prone skin as it could cause irritation or an allergic reaction.  

Natasha Gives her Personal Opinion

Natasha here to give you my personal review of these products!

Seriously, what’s not to love about Lovesong? From their soft branding approach to their ingredients, I was immediately drawn to them. Not to mention they are a fellow San Diego based company! 

While typically I’m a die-hard Innersense girl for my haircare and have been for the last couple of years, I was so excited at the opportunity when Emily asked if she could send me some of her products. Here are my thoughts of the following products I tried. 

Overall, the scents of the products transport you straight to a luxury spa. I couldn’t stop saying out loud to myself in the shower, “wow, this smells so good.” I’m not even kidding, they smell so good! Also, my hair feels so clean and refreshed! My hair, which is naturally wavy, has really taken on full volume compared to Innersense – which I was not expecting and fully welcomed!

Evergreen Shampoo

The evergreen shampoo is really great! Similar feeling to what I am used to with Innersense. A light foaming sensation but not what you would expect if you transitioned straight from conventional products. 

Ultralush Conditioner

The Ultralush conditioner is a little different than I expected. I love when I can feel the silky texture of the conditioner but this left my hair feeling a little tangled and almost like the product didn’t spread as far as I wanted it to, which left me pumping more into my hands than the shampoo. However, like I said before, my curls are volumized and actually take more shape which was so surprising. Plus, after adding the leave-in conditioner once my hair dried, there is a shiny, soft, and beautiful difference with my hair. 

Leave-In Conditioner

The leave-in conditioner is lovely. Not too oily and left my hair not feeling crunchy when my hair dried. Only needed a very small amount, like two pumps worth to get results.

Nectarous Body Cream

The body cream is probably one of my favorite lotions I’ve ever tried. The floral scent is a little strong but not in a over-powering way. It disperses in a few minutes and leaves your skin so freaking silky. My skin soaked it up and didn’t feel greasy but beautifully moisturized. I asked my husband to feel my legs after I took an everything shower and put this lotion on, and he said “oh, I did – they’re soft!” My skin felt nourished for a good 4-5 days after the initial use, even in the summer and no dry ashy skin!

Going Beyond Beauty


Lovesong goes beyond the minimum most small beauty brands even think to do in terms of sustainability. They even go as far as to do and share an impact report on their website each year. We’re in love with the following:

  • Crafted with Wind Energy
  • 1% for the Planet Member
  • Clovery Carbon Offset 
  • Female Owned and Independent
  • Made in California, USA
  • Recyclable Packaging
  • Clean Ingredients 

Giving Back

Lovesong believes that natural beauty should be easy on you, and on the earth. As part of their commitment to the planet, they give a percentage of every sale to a diverse network of causes within 1% For The Planet that support the preservation and restoration of our environment.

Cruelty- Free/ Vegan 

Lovesong is Vegan, Plant-Based, and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free. 

Certified Organic

Lovesong is not certified organic but does work towards adding in certified organic ingredients where possible. 

Where is it Manufactured

Lovesong is made in California. 

Parent Company

Lovesong is not owned by a parent company.

Final Rating:

Lovesong Beauty is a big ol’ green heart for us! We love their transparency, clean ingredients, how they give back and work towards a cleaner and brighter future. We believe their formulas are clean!

We would recommend this Brand.

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